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Spots on the Land

  • Blue Creek Appaloosas United States (map)

Welcome back to foaling season at Blue Creek Appaloosas. Of the more than twenty different ways an Appaloosa can look, Charles Potts, a breeder of Purebred Appaloosa Horses, will show you multiple examples of different colored horses and explain the genetics behind their fascinating spots. BCA Appaloosas are part of the genetic research and testing program operated by The Appaloosa Project at the Equine Teaching Hospital on the Davis campus of the University of California. 

In addition to the fascinating color spectrum of all black to all white, Appaloosas are distinguished by several other identifying characteristics. One of these is the white sclera around the eyes, giving their faces a human-like touch. Many of the horses have striped hooves, a reflection of the spotting effect on the color pattern. Appaloosas’ dispositions make them easy to spend time with and train.

There could be as many as six new babies by April 6th. Bring your children to enjoy the foals up close and learn the origins of the interesting names Charles gives them, such as “Yamahawk,” “Chatanga,” and “Kyuna.”

For more information about this event, please contact Lauren Platman at or 509-525-3136. 

Suitability: Children welcome, great for the family.

Difficulty: Involves standing and walking the ranch for most of the event. There will be places to rest.

Things to Bring:Sturdy walking shoes, rain jacket, hat with a brim, sunglasses and sunscreen, refillable water bottle, camera, journal, and sense of adventure.