Outdoor Education

Learning on the Land

It’s that time of year again! The Learning on the Land season is back with 28 captivating events that showcase the natural wonders of the Blue Mountains. 

Learning on the Land is all about connecting people to the places they love, or might not know they love yet. Our goal is to spark curiosity, enhance understanding, and foster a genuine appreciation for nature. Once we do that, support and interest in conservation of the environment blossoms. 

The season has gotten off to a great start, with events ranging from plant identification to animal husbandry, to a ride on the Eagle Cap Excursion Train. But there is so much more to come. 

The Land Trust’s John Day office has been open for a year now, so it was time to bring Learning on the Land to the Basin. We have seven trips planned throughout the Basin that emphasize connecting people to place. Visit bmlt.org/learningontheland to see the full schedule of events. 

Nature Kids

The Land Trust’s newest program, Nature Kids, debuted on Earth Day at the Whitman Mission National Historic Site. We welcomed over 165 guests to the park to enjoy a number of activities that celebrated our planet. From learning Leave No Trace principles, to baking cookies on a solar stove, to orienting themselves using a compass, everyone had a blast! We’re so grateful to the Whitman Mission for hosting and Sustainable Living Center for sharing their renewable energy knowledge with us. 

The Nature Kids program was developed in partnership with the Umatilla National Forest to provide local families easy and accessible ways for their kids to engage with nature. 

Last year, the Land Trust and the Umatilla National Forest hosted three Nature Kids events at the Walla Walla Pubic Library. We couldn’t have asked for a more enthusiastic response from the community. Now, there are seven events planned each month from now to October that explore a range of environmental topics. 

The Land Trust also joined forces with Welcome Table Farm to bring you Nature Kids on the Farm, a day camp for elementary school students. Students will learn all about life on Welcome Table Farm through hands-on activities.