Conservation Plan

Our service area includes Walla Walla, Columbia, Garfield and Asotin counties in Washington and, in Oregon, Umatilla and Union counties. This area is composed of over 4,700,000 acres. In an area this large – bigger than some states – it’s a huge challenge to identify the lands that are most important to conserve and protect.

To focus on the most critical properties, we are guided by a study prepared by Erickson Consulting and Ecological Environmental Research that is now our conservation plan. 
The plan identifies properties that have one or more of the following ecological resources:

• Privately owned land at an elevation above 2,000 feet

• Bird habitat conservation area

• Critical fish habitat

• Elk winter range

• Elk summer range

• Grasslands

• Shrub/scrub ecosystems

To download a copy of the conservation plan's executive summary, click here