Ag Technology Trio

  • Nelson Irrigation Corporation 848 Airport Road Walla Walla, WA 99362 usa

Agriculture is big business in the Blue Mountain country and this global industry has been enormously advanced by technologies developed in Walla Walla. When the topic of irrigation is discussed, the phrase "here's what Nelson is doing" isn't far behind. Nelson Irrigation Company is the world's leading developer of agricultural and industrial irrigation systems. At this first stop on our tour we'll learn how Nelson designs, tests, manufactures and sells its systems.

Nest, we'll visit the John Deere Tech Center at Walla Walla Community College. John Deere is the leading provider of farm equipment in eastern Washington and Oregon. It's innovative relationship with WWCC provides its dealerships with technicians who know how to keep John Deere equipment operating at peak performance.

While Nelson and John Deere help crops grow, Key Technology leads the food processing industry in the optical scanning and sorting of food products. In years past, humans stood at food processing conveyers and manually removed bad product. Now, with Key's high-speed optical scanning and sorting technologies, food products are much cleaner, safer and more quickly processed than ever before. You'll see this in action when we visit Key's plant at the final stop of this day. 

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