Super Trees of Walla Walla

  • City of Walla Walla Public Library 238 East Alder Street Walla Walla, WA, 99362 United States

Kids of all ages will take a walking tour of the state record trees found on the Whitman College campus. We'll discover which trees are the true giants, how to measure the trees, and share amazing facts about each. Everyone will come away with a new appreciation for these beauties that make Walla Walla so special. 

Walla Walla holds the state record for 44 types of trees. You can take a hike around town and discover where these trees live. Have fun guessing how old they are, how tall they are, and how big around they are. How on earth did they get here? Who planted them? Why did they get to the giants of the tree world? What do Super Trees do to help us?

This field trip begins and ends at the City Library, and is open to kids of all ages - parents, too! Kids will receive a map of the trees on this walk and learn how to tell one giant tree from another. We'll even do group hugs of trees as we try to measure how big they are. This tour promises to be full of amazing facts, fun times and, of course, giant trees that are super in so many ways. 

Pre-registration is not required. This is a free event.

This event is made possible through generous support from

June 16
Mission Day