Flora, Fauna and Floods

Welcome to the “Mike and Bob Show.” Mike Denny and Bob Carson team up to preview the adventures they will lead later this year.

In May, naturalist Mike Denny will lead a springtime tour of Mill Creek where we will explore the area’s rich and diverse flora and fauna. Butterflies will be the stars of the show but they’ll be rivaled by the newly blooming wildflowers, other native plants, birds, deer and other wildlife. His talk will showcase this planned event. Mike was president of the Walla Walla Audubon Society for many years and is well-known for his natural resources expertise and enthusiasm.

In October, Whitman College geology and environmental studies professor emeritus Bob Carson will lead a tour in the Wallula Gap area that will explore the results of the Missoula and Bonneville Floods. Bob’s preview talk will explain how the Clark Fork was repeatedly dammed between 15,000 and 18,000 years ago as the Cordilleran ice sheet advanced into northern Idaho. Montana’s glacial Lake Missoula ruptured each ice dam, causing perhaps the greatest floods on Earth. It took each Missoula flood only a few days to race across eastern Washington. The torrents roared through the Columbia River Gorge, back-flooded the Willamette Valley, and emptied into a lower Pacific Ocean.

Enjoy these presentations in the video below by two of our true local legends in preparation for their tours later this season.

This event was made possible through generous support from Inland Family Dentistry and Dental Sleep Therapy of Walla Walla.