The Secret Life of Bees

  • Paul Tomkins residence 1795 Highland Road Walla Walla, WA, 99362 United States

Have you ever thought about becoming a beekeeper? Honeybees are a joy to keep in the backyard simply for their buzzing presence and, on hot days, the smell of honey wafting through the air within ten feet of the hive. They increase pollination in your yard and increase yields from your fruit trees and vegetables. The honey you harvest will provide a tasty treat for your home table as well as a gift for relatives, friends or neighbors. No one turns down a jar of honey!

Paul Tomkins will get you started on what may become a lifetime adventure. He'll teach you about the three kinds of honeybees - the drone, the worker and the queen. He'll demonstrate how to create and maintain an apiary, and show you what goes on inside a hive. Honey bees are highly specialized and must work as a team to keep the hive thriving. 

He'll remind you that bees have been doing what they do for thousands of years. The beekeeper's job is to provide bees with a good place to live, help out in an emergency and let the bees do what they do best.

Beekeeping can be a fascinating and rewarding hobby for all ages. This event will be a great treat for both adults and children. 

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