Giants of Walla Walla

  • Whitman College 360 Boyer Avenue Walla Walla, WA, 99362 United States

The giant old trees within the city make Walla Walla a special place. Many visitors, after driving through hours of parched desert and miles of treeless farmland, are astounded to find this beautiful urban forest, right in the middle of town.

How did these trees get here? How old are they, and what species are they? How can we help to continue this legacy? Our resident tree expert, Bob Berger, will answer these questions and many more.

Starting at the Whitman College campus, and winding through town to Pioneer Park, Bob will lead a two-mile stroll through town. On the way, you’ll discover that 44 of Walla Walla’s trees are the largest of their species in our state. They’re truly in the record books! He’ll also share with us great natural history, conservation information and the historical significance of these treasures.

Refreshments and drinks will be served after the tour ends in Pioneer Park. Bring family and friends, and a notebook to record all that you learn. Receive a map of all the record trees in town and gain a deep appreciation of the foresight our city residents had over 100 years ago to create the amazing forest we now call home.

This will be a walk for both the mind and the soul. 

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